Kathy High

Kathy High is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working with time-based art and biology. Kathy will be presenting at the Confabulations panel with the Stomach Ache project in March 2023, and has been interviewed as part of our study on artists whose work has been influenced by their gastrointestinal system. Kathy’s current project, You Are My Future, is an ongoing investigation exploring our human condition through the lens of our gut microbiome. As a patient with Crohn’s disease, Kathy’s interest in gut microbiota starts with her own body, which she incorporates into many of her artistic works. Kathy As Bowie (pictured below) is a performative piece about taking on someone else’s identity through sharing their gut microbiome via a Fecal Microbial Transplantation. Photographs were offered to David Bowie in exchange for a poop sample, however, the offer was never completed as Bowie died in 2016.

Kathy as Bowie, Kathy High, 2015. Exchange project with David Bowie.

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