Do you experience undiagnosed gut issues? Have you been forced to adopt creative and experimental ways of living and coping, including finding alternative sources of information and support?

Doctors can find it challenging to treat undiagnosed gut issues. As a result, people may take a more active role in managing their own condition. 

Researchers from University of Melbourne are seeking to understand the experience of people living with complex, difficult to diagnose gut issues, particularly things that you do to manage your condition. We are interested in how your symptoms have changed your behaviours and coping strategies and how you access alternative information sources and support networks, including online forums, independent research or consulting a naturopath. We would like to hear about the challenges and access issues you face in this process.

This is not a medical or therapeutic study and will not provide treatment advice.  

You can participate in this study if you:

  • identify with having gastrointestinal symptoms that do not have a clear organic cause. This might include having normal results from blood tests and endoscopy/gastroscopy but still experiencing symptoms
  • are over 18
  • are fluent in English
  • are willing to participate in a 45 minute interview (with the possibility of an additional follow up interview). 

You may also be asked to donate an object that is symbolic of your experience of living with undiagnosed gastrointestinal issues, which may be used in a public art exhibition; this is completely optional.  

Your participation will be anonymous and you can withdraw at any time.

If you are interested in participating, please enter your details: